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Eplan Buys Harness Expert Software

Sept. 27, 2012
Eplan adds cable harness software to its range

Eplan takes over the development and sales rights to Harness Expert, the 3D/2D software for wire harness engineering. The contract between software developer Linius Technologies and Eplan Software & Service was signed on June 28, 2012. With this extension, Eplan can offer its customers more comprehensive support for all aspects of cable project management.

The purchase of the Harness Expert software will provide considerable potential in the domestic and international markets. Eplan can now tackle new segments of the industry, including apparatus engineering, rail and specialist vehicle technology, aviation, telecommunications and medical technology. At the same time, there is an increasing demand from within its own customer base for the implementation of 1:1 connections via wire harnesses, as the number of circuit-board based units in control cabinets and devices are increasing constantly.

This new software is the perfect complement to Eplan Electric P8, the company's own CAE solution which has previously handled the engineering of single wires and sheathed cables in the control cabinet and field components.

Harness Expert: 3D cable harness display with protective pipes, wires and connectors