Honeywell wins contract renewal with Linde AG for Unisim Suite

June 7, 2012
Contract Renewal Reaffirms Simulation Solution’s Ability to Drive Efficiency, Reliability

OFFENBACH, Germany – Honeywell has signed a multi-year contract with Linde AG to continue providing the leading industrial gases and engineering company with its UniSim Design Suite simulation software.

The agreement renews Linde's commitment to UniSim Design for advanced process modelling, enabling the company to benefit from increased efficiency and reliability. More than 200 Linde engineers across the world use UniSim Design to create process designs, improve process calculations, determine the most economical and reliable plant design and optimize plant performance.

Linde uses UniSim Design for the process engineering of olefin, hydrogen and synthesis gas plants, for which it models the complete processes in a single simulation. It also uses the solution for research and development, plant safety design, and as a starting point for detailed engineering of complex equipment such as heat exchangers and distillation columns. It was one of the first major engineering groups to standardise on UniSim Design technology for steady-state and dynamic modelling in 2006. Furthermore, UniSim Design is used for analysing and improving plant operation.

"UniSim Design helps us deliver projects faster and ensure we get the best solution for our customers," said Dr. Gabriele Engl, manager of information technologies for process design and control at Linde's Engineering Division. "We migrated because we wanted technology that could handle large complex models in a robust and efficient way, but also offered ongoing support and flexibility to evolve as the demands on our designers changed. Over the last five years, UniSim Design has proved it can deliver."

Honeywell has tailored the solution to the company's requirements using a joint development program. It interfaces, for example, with Linde's in-house physical properties system and incorporates a number of the company's in-house unit operation models.

"This deal demonstrates that support and development capabilities are as valuable as robust simulation capabilities in meeting engineering workflow and intellectual property needs," said Ian Brown, vice president-advanced solutions for Honeywell Process Solutions. "The joint development programme and ongoing support position UniSim Design to continue to meet Linde's business needs as they change."

UniSim Design Suite is part of Honeywell's family of simulation solutions designed to improve performance throughout the processing plant lifecycle. The design suite offers a range of tools to simulate and optimise steady state and dynamic processes, helping engineers develop processes based on critical business objectives with lower project risks before committing capital. It helps users achieve better process designs, lower engineering costs and optimised equipment operation.