Open Automation Software's Customers Choose KEPServerEX

June 8, 2011
Open Automation Software's Customers Choose KEPServerEX Two-to-One for Connectivity between OPCSystems.NET and SCADA Systems

Open Automation Software announced the results of a customer poll that showed OPC Systems.NET users chose KEPServerEX for a complete OPC solution over the other OPC servers on the market.

Over 50% of Open Automation Software's customers chose to get connected with Kepware, and reported a high level of satisfaction when using the product with OPCSystems.NET.

OPCSystems.NET's user-friendly interfaces, and customizable HMI screens, are maximized with KEPServerEX's security and reliability enabling easy integration. Due to KEPServerEX's built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, customers reported an extremely low number of calls for assistance in communications setup that involved Kepware's Technical Support staff.

According to Thomas Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation, combining the OPCSystems.NET OPC Client with the OPC Server from Kepware makes a solid and scalable OPC solution.

Ken Eldridge, President of Open Automation Software said that the decision to partner with Kepware was an early one. "We found that the performance of Kepware’s product continually yields an overall faster data throughput with greater reliability than the other OPC Servers we previously worked with," said Eldridge.

"Our OPCSystems.NET product runs as a Windows Service, and because KEPServerEX also runs as a Windows Service, it makes the initial connection extremely easy,"Eldridge adds. "It also makes it possible for both applications to run on a Windows Server operating systems without a user logged in.”

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