Industrial Defender signs deal with CoreTrace

Aug. 19, 2011
Technology agreement grants exclusive rights to deliver intrusion prevention system to process industries.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass.- Industrial Defender has announced a technology licensing agreement with CoreTrace Corporation. Specifically, Industrial Defender gains exclusive rights to deliver its CoreTrace Bouncer 6-based host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to power, oil and gas, chemical and water markets worldwide, and to further develop the technology for these markets.Customers will benefit from Industrial Defender's ability to further develop the product as a core component of its security and compliance management solutions portfolio. Industrial Defender's tight focus on automation systems means that future HIPS capabilities will be engineered in a manner that meets these organizations' unique technology requirements."Automation systems require security solutions that provide thorough protections against sophisticated attacks, including zero-day threats. At the same time, these systems have distinct requirements that many IT-centric security technologies, including anti-virus, fail to support," said Brian Ahern, president and CEO at Industrial Defender. "This agreement provides our customers and partners, including ABB, GE Energy, Itron and Elster Solutions, with access to HIPS technology tailored specifically for industrial automation markets."For over a year, Industrial Defender has delivered HIPS as part of its integrated technology solutions portfolio and built tight integrations with its security event management technology. This agreement enables the company to more comprehensively integrate HIPS technology with the company's suite of security and compliance management solutions, including automation system agents."Delivering security technology to industrial markets requires unique domain expertise along with deep technology experience. Industrial Defender clearly sits at the cross-section of these requirements," said Toney Jennings, president and CEO of CoreTrace. "Through this agreement, Industrial Defender will strengthen its position as the leading provider of integrated security and compliance solutions to automation systems owners worldwide."Industrial Defender HIPS is whitelisting-based technology which enforces a limited "whitelist" of approved applications on each host system. By allowing only approved applications to execute, HIPS blocks all unauthorized applications. HIPS goes beyond "blacklist" technology by protecting against unknown and sophisticated attacks (e.g., rootkits, memory exploits and zero-day threats).