Advantech Launches Fully Functioning SCADA Client App

June 8, 2011
Advantech, First Company to Launch a Fully Functioning SCADA Client App for The Apple iPhone and iPad

Advantech WebAccess, Advantech's terminal client, has just gone mobile.

Available on the App Store, Advantech WebAccess Mobile can be used on any Apple device running IOS 3.2 or greater, meaning that operators can check the status of their equipment wherever they are.

Advantech WebAccess Mobile is a lite version of the full Internet Explorer version: it has the necessary functionality for monitoring devices when users can't be near a computer screen, i.e. it can show alarms and take snapshots of the pages showing the current status of their dynamic elements; it can read and write tag values and has the new Trend function which monitors the datalog trends in real-time along a graph which, using gesture control, can be zoomed in upon to give more detail.

This free application is available on the App Store from an iPhone or an iPad.