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ITT Interconnect Solutions Donates Charging Solution to Mississippi State University for EcoCAR Challenge

March 22, 2011
EVC Series connectors enable Level I and II charging from 15A/120V to 75A

ITT Interconnect Solutions, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects, and cable
assemblies, has donated its SAE J1772 EVC Series Electric Vehicle Charging System Connector Assemblies to Mississippi State University for its entry to the EcoCAR Challenge Competition (www.ecocarchallenge.org).  ITT has provided the students of MSU with a UL certified 30-amp mated pair J1772 EVC Series connector for its charging solution.

MSU is competing against 15 other universities in the EcoCAR Challenge, where GM-donated SUVs are re-built and developed into hybrid electric vehicles. The EcoCAR Challenge is a three-year competition with yearly vehicle evaluations that test the teams over a variety of events, including fuel economy, emissions, acceleration and consumer acceptability. The competition is currently in its third year, and the MSU team hopes to refine and perfect their design after winning last year.

Based on the high efficiency power (HEP) contact technology, ITT's EVC Series is the electric vehicle industry's first Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)-rated, SAE J1772 Level II charging station connector featuring a 75-amp rating and a charging time of four hours or less. Designed specifically for electric vehicle charging applications, the advanced EVC Series SAE J1772 connector solution is capable of performing Level I and II charging from a low-end range of 15A/120V to a high-end range of 75A/240V.

Charging options include 75A/240V, 30A/240V, 15A/240V and 15A/120V. The new UL-approved J1772 Level I and II electric vehicle charging robust coupler and inlet connectors are suitable for electric passenger vehicles, home charging units, public infrastructure charging units, roadside assistance trucks, electric fleet vehicles, and electric motorcycles. The inlet connector includes fingertip protection on the power and ground pin contacts and also features an enhanced cable management system using ITT's VEAM CIR Series backshells. By using a cable with a greater degree of flexibility, ease-of-use is assured on retractable design charging units.