GE Intelligent Platforms Signs National Instruments to Distribute GE Reflective Memory Module

Feb. 24, 2011
Reflective Memory will enable NI customers to develop real time, deterministic local area networks for challenging testing, simulation applications

GE Intelligent Platforms announced that it has signed an agreement that will see National Instruments distribute the GE cPCI-5565PIO Reflective Memory PMC and PMC Carrier Card for 3U CompactPCI systems. The cPCI-5565PIO – which operates at 2Gbaud and features 256Mbytes of memory and multi-mode transceivers – is based on the GE PMC-5565PIORC, but includes a customized carrier card specifically designed to be configured with NI PXI chassis as part of the company's NI VeriStand real-time testing and simulation software platform.

According to Wayne McGee, Manager, Commercial Product Management at GE Intelligent Platforms, Reflective Memory is a technology that enables real time local area networks, in which each computer always has an up-to-date local copy of the shared memory set. These specialty networks are designed to provide deterministic data communications, and deliver the timed performance necessary for a variety of demanding distributed simulation and industrial control applications.

GE Reflective Memory solutions include nodes for VME, PCI and PCI Express systems as well as in a PMC form factor, together with a Reflective Memory Hub that allows for optimum management of Reflective Memory networks.

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