Kepware releases KEPServerEX V 5

July 28, 2009

PORTLAND, Maine — Kepware Technologies has released its next generation of KEPServerEX, version 5, available now for OEMs, channel partners and end users.

This  release has been in development for over two years and represents Kepware's next-generation communication platform delivering a new architecture and a wealth of new features and benefits while retaining a similar look, feel and compatibility with earlier versions.

The new architecture can be delivered on other than Microsoft run-time environments. It is designed to achieve Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 Logo compliance. It offers a split management (configuration) vs. run-time operation, enabling management at the user level and operation as a service, with the added bonus of Microsoft Terminal Services multi-user support. Finally, KEPServerEX version 5 delivers a new licensing and customer support model designed to maximize end user value and packaging flexibility.

KEPServerEX is now delivered in the form of Vertical Suites that maximizing cost savings by bundling the most common protocols used in a vertical market under onesolution. The new Vertical Suites are IT and Infrastructure Suite (SNMP, Ping, System Monitor, Modbus and UCON drivers); Building Automation Suite (BACnet, Modbus, UCON drivers), Power Distribution Suite (DNP, Modbus, UCON drivers); Oil and Gas Suite (ROC, ROC Plus, Modbus and Modbus-like RTU protocols, UCON drivers); and the Manufacturing Suite (a collection of over 100 protocols typically found in manufacturing environments). Protocols may still be purchased separately. All protocols in an installation are supported by one instance of KEPServerEX, one OPC interface and one tag namespace, delivering easy configuration and common diagnostics.

Kepware also releases a new warranty, support and upgrade program. Kepware's warranty is now extended to 90 days. During this time, customers are eligible for free technical support, access to the Kepware on-line knowledge base and product upgrades. KEPServerEX will be delivered on a quarterly basis and customers will always be entitled to one free upgrade with their initial purchase. A new technical support program will deliver phone support and product updates on a yearly basis following the 90 day warranty period. The web-based knowledge base will remain free.

"This is the next generation of communications technology," explained Tony Paine, executive VP and CTO of Kepware Technologies. "Version 5 is the greatest single development effort we have ever undertaken, and this is the foundation for many new and powerful features. This will be the platform for our public release of OPC-UA technology. Upcoming releases will deliver tunneling and remote administration This release also opens up the ability for Kepware to support many more platforms, from Linux to deeply embedded operating systems such as VxWorks, to be used by our many OEM partners."