IV Produkt AB implements IFS Eco-footprint Management

April 28, 2009

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., April 28, 2009 -- IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announces the first customer deployment of its recently launched Eco-footprint Management tool. 

IV Produkt, a Swedish manufacturer of environmentally friendly air-handling units is working to reduce the effect its corporate activities and products have on the environment. As such, it needed a comprehensive monitoring system to provide greater control and transparency on the environmental impact of its operations.

The life-cycle cost (LCC) is at the heart of IV Produkt’s business, ensuring product costs are low and energy savings are high, from creation to disposal. IV Produkt is required to disclose construction declarations in order to comply with industry regulations and meet quality and environmental assurance standards. As a result it must be able to specify component details for its products, including their origins, recyclable parts and what needs to be disposed of. IFS’ Eco-footprint Management will enable IV Produkt to keep detailed track of this information and will allow the company to evaluate whether further energy savings and environmental improvements can be made at any stage of the product life cycle.

“We want to be at the forefront of environmental responsibility and insist that our suppliers are as eco-friendly as possible. We felt that the Eco-footprint Management tool had the potential to help us track and manage our operations in the greenest way possible,” said Alf Sjöberg, managing director of IV Produkt. “Once implemented the tool will offer competitive advantages, enabling us to plan for legislative changes, while driving cost and carbon savings. The ease and speed of integration of the software with our existing core business applications was a huge appeal for us.”

IFS Eco-footprint Management will be fully integrated with IV Produkt’s existing IFS software suite, which it has used since 1998. The solution will be rolled out to IV Produkt’s manufacturing team and users will be able to configure IFS Applications to capture environmental impact information from throughout the business just as easily as they configure their financial system to capture cost. The solution will help IV Produkt to create a compelling proposition for its environmentally aware customers and will differentiate it from its competitors in terms of its planning, cost and environmental saving capabilities.

IV Produkt is headquartered in Växjö, a Swedish city famed for its environmental engagement and often considered the greenest city in Europe.