NOMAC choses Meridium for asset management solution

April 27, 2009

ROANOKE, Va. -- April 27, 2009 – Asset performance management (APM) software and consulting solutions vendor Meridium Inc., today announced that First National Operation and Maintenance Company (NOMAC) has chosen Meridium’s RCMO solution for its reliability centered maintenance software. NOMAC, a joint venture between Sogex Oman Co. LLC and ACWA Power International of Saudi Arabia, delivers operation and maintenance services to public and private sector owners of power and desalination plants.

The global power industry has experienced substantial growth driven by a worldwide increase in demand for electrical power. This increased demand, partnered with more stringent environmental regulations, requires enabling existing and newly constructed facilities with methods to develop the most viable strategies to address capacity additions, expansions, retrofits and environmental compliance.

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a proven methodology for optimizing maintenance strategies and using maintenance resources effectively on the right jobs and maintenance activities that will improve safety, reduce downtime, increase production and reduce costs. Most RCM tools are stand-alone systems, disconnected from existing maintenance, inspection and operational systems. Meridium’s RCMO software is completely integrated within SAP, built with SAP’s NetWeaverTM technology and was recently re-certified as SAP’s only endorsed business solution for reliability.