Large process automation suppliers committed to ISA100.11a

April 22, 2009

ATLANTA – April 22, 2009 – From Fortune 50 to new start-ups, companies of all sizes
are committing to or evaluating ISA100.11a standard-based solutions using Nivis
technologies. These companies include Access Wireless Solution, Apprion, Banner
Engineering Corporation, Cameron, ConocoPhillips, Dresser Masoneilan, Freescale,
Flowserve, Honeywell, Krohne, Machine Talker, Magnetrol, NASA, Nivis, ProSoft,
Texas Instruments, Yokogawa, Western Research, Williamson plus others.

“It’s an exciting time in the wireless process automation world and we are honored to be
working with these companies,” said Marius Chilom, CEO of Nivis. “Projects underway
include assessments to fully deployed systems using our pre-release, over-the-air
upgradeable ISA100.11a stacks and routers.”

These companies collectively plan to offer a diverse portfolio of wireless devices
including temperature and pressure transmitters, HART to ISA100.11a adaptors, valve
positioners and indicators, discrete and analog input sensors, discrete and analog output
devices, vibration sensors, flow sensors, level sensors and more.

“I’m excited to see such a diverse set of leading companies committed to delivering a
broad portfolio of ISA100.11a standard devices,” said David Land, ConocoPhillips. “This
will provide end users with choices for devices that meet most of the initial ISA100.11a

The ISA100.11a standard is designed to efficiently and effectively communicate to any
legacy instrument or host system, including HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus,
Profibus and others, making it truly the 4-20ma standard of the wireless world. It is also
the one wireless standard with the built-in flexibility to address most wireless applications in a single, plant-wide industrial wireless system.

“The ISA100.11a standard is strategic for Yokogawa, and we are committed to delivering
products utilizing this technology,” said Mr. Nobuaki Konishi, division general manager
of Yokogawa IA Marketing Division. “Its ability to address almost any wireless application
plant-wide, including future control applications, is important to our customers.”

ISA100.11a was designed to be interoperable so that products from many different
vendors can all communicate in the same network, yet be customized for specific
applications. “NASA is in the early stages of evaluation of the Nivis ISA100 stacks,” said
Dr. Raymond Wagner of Jacobs Engineering working at NASA's Johnson Space Center.
“We are hopeful that we can bring a wireless standards-based solution into space.”
The ISA100.11a standard enables accessing field device diagnostics, including standard
HART diagnostics, and transmitting that data to a host system across one single

“The industry has embraced smart technology in the field long before control systems
did. This is why Dresser Masoneilan supports the integration of wireless in our smart
positioner products,” said Sandro Esposito, manager of global marketing and product
development for smart products at Dresser Masoneilan. “ISA100.11a is an enabling
wireless platform for the user to implement a cost-effective and open infrastructure for
asset monitoring.”

From stacks to radio modules to wireless adapters to routers, Nivis has a complete set of hardware and software that complements its leadership in developing ISA100.11a wireless mesh solutions. The Nivis suite of products provides four distinct options for companies to:

• Purchase hardware developed in conjunction with partners that is
embedded with the Nivis technology, or;
• Purchase reference designs that can be integrated into their own hardware
and embedded with the Nivis technology or;
• Embed the Nivis components and modules that enable the desired level of
technology into their products’ feature set
• Integrate products using Nivis components and modules with network
management and monitoring systems and software applications.