Wonderware releases new ArchestrA object toolkit

March 3, 2009

Cheadle Royal, Cheshire, U.K. March 3, 2009 – Wonderware United Kingdom, a division of SolutionsPT Limited, today releases a new ArchestrA Object Toolkit 3.1 to enable Wonderware’s diverse network of ecosystem partners to extend the ArchestrA software architecture and rapidly develop innovative application objects that provide specific industry domain or device integration functionality.

In support of its expanding ecosystem of independent software and solution partners around the world, the ArchestrA Object Toolkit 3.1 enables Wonderware partners to take advantage of new levels of project engineering productivity and software re-use. These capabilities reduce the cost and time of developing and deploying new projects, as well as reduce the need for ongoing maintenance, updates and expansion.

“Wonderware is committed to delivering on the needs of its ecosystem of third-party partners who leverage the world’s most proliferated and open industrial software platform,” said Scott Clark, Wonderware senior manager of software development and platform products. “This new toolkit truly enables the Microsoft Visual Studio developer to build custom operations management applications and extend the capabilities of the Wonderware System Platform. This toolkit provides the advanced developer with the tools to create new innovations, while protecting their intellectual property.”

The significantly redesigned ArchestrA Object Toolkit 3.1 enables both advanced script and C# developers to extend ArchestrA technology more easily and create custom objects that provide advanced application functionality to customers. The toolkit is designed to free users from the internal workings of the software system, yet empower them to fully leverage the integration of custom-coded ArchestrA objects with Microsoft .NET technology. 

Developers will benefit from the toolkit’s ability to create and customise object templates for reusable solutions, which protects their intellectual property and prevents modifications by unauthorised users. The ArchestrA Object Toolkit also is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

“The Visual Studio development system is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help software developers create innovative, next-generation applications,” said Chris Colyer, Microsoft global director of manufacturing operations strategies. “This new toolkit from Wonderware gives users an extra boost in productivity when creating industrial applications.”