Apprion Offers Free, Online Wireless Training

March 2, 2009
Apprion Offers Online Wireless Education Resource
This news article was printed in CONTROL's March 2009 edition.

Apprion, specialist in industrial wireless applications networks, has introduced ION University, an online wireless education resource that Apprion is making available to process manufacturers at no cost. ION University curriculum has been designed and developed by industrial wireless expert, Dr. Peter Fuhr, who also leads the course of instruction.

“Process manufacturing facilities are deploying wireless technologies to cost-effectively comply with safety, environmental and security regulations, reduce maintenance costs, or improve productivity and asset utilization,” said Fuhr, who also is Apprion’s CTO. “Decision-makers need easily accessible, objective information that they can use to educate themselves about wireless and their options. This is why we developed ION University.”

ION University provides engineers, operators and managers in process manufacturing with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their own professional goals, while guiding their organizations use of wireless technology and applications. The course material provides an objective foundation of wireless fundamentals that will assist students in understanding the claims of wireless providers, discern fact vs. fiction and make informed decisions that improve safety, security and productivity.

The first semester at ION University focuses on communication fundamentals. This course is delivered in 17 separate modules that together deliver a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts of wireless such as multiplexing, circuits, packets and frequencies. Each module can be completed in 15-30 minutes and includes a self-assessment designed to reinforce the core concepts of the module. ION University will expand its curriculum next semester with a new course on wireless security fundamentals.