MatrikonOPC offers online OPC training

Feb. 2, 2009

Edmonton, AB, – MatrikonOPC has released a new eLearning program that offers automation professionals a convenient way to learn about OPC. 

The first available module, “Introduction to OPC,” introduces students to the basics of OPC, including the most common version, OPC Data Access. Using a combination of interactive PowerPoint slides with voice-overs, demonstrative videos, and knowledge affirming quizzes; this module engages students on multiple levels. MatrikonOPC eLearning requires no travel and no time away from the workplace.

The “Introduction to OPC” eLearning module teaches:
• The advantages of using OPC over traditional communication methods
• Understanding the OPC client/server architecture
• Reviewing the milestones in the history of OPC
• Understanding how to create a connection between an OPC client and an OPC server
• Recognizing what factors can affect OPC communication
• Learning the various communication types between OPC clients and servers
• Reviewing the most widely implemented OPC specification: OPC DA
• Identifying the importance of timestamps and qualities in OPC DA.

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