Iconics releases GENESIS32 V9, V8 upgrades

Jan. 23, 2009

Foxborough, Mass — Iconics, provider of Web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/SCADA visualization and manufacturing intelligence software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, announced the release of GENESIS32 V9.13, as well as GENESIS32 V8.05 and the V8 Service Pack 3.

Iconics’ new GENESIS32 V9.13 HMI/SCADA visualization product includes both a full installation of v9.13 and the ability to upgrade an earlier v9.x version to v9.13. GENESIS32 V9.13 is now available as an English release as well as an international release. V9.13 provides licensing support for the new Iconics OPC-UA server and also addresses issues that were open in the V9.12 release.

In addition, Genesis32 V9.13 now includes the ScheduleWorX32 calendar-based scheduling tool that can be used in many different applications including discrete, process (batch) and building automation. V9.13 also features additional operating system compatibility, now integrating with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for x64 (runs in 32-bit compatibility mode). Additional enhancements have been made to GENESIS32’s AlarmWorX32, DataWorX32, TrendWorX32 and WebHMI components.

ICONICS’ GENESIS32 V8.05 and GENESIS32 V8 Service Pack 3 product CD includes both a full Installation for V8.05 and a Service Pack to upgrade an existing V8.0x system to v8.05. This version provides new features including support for SafeNet Hardware Licensing Keys, TrendWorX32 support for SQL Server 2005 databases and additional customer requested improvements.

“Manufacturers, processors and OEMs seek solutions that protect their automation investments by selecting software whose life cycle can be extended and optimized to state-of-the-art without having to remove and replace the entire existing system,” said Craig Resnick, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group. “This is especially true for HMI software users who cannot leverage the newest capabilities of their operator interface hardware, as well as enable connectivity to production management functions, without installing a completely new system. Iconics appears to be addressing this concern with this upgrade and service pack, which should enable their customers to leverage the benefits of enterprise interoperability as well as the latest in visualization technology.”