Optimation plans merger with Total Systems Design

Jan. 5, 2009

Rochester, N.Y. – Optimation  has signed a letter of intent to merge with Total Systems Design (TSD) of Coatesville, Pa. The companies expect to consummate an agreement shortly, after which TSD will operate as a subsidiary of Optimation. James Cummings, president of TSD, will continue in his role leading TSD as a division of Optimation.

The merger is part of an overall plan of strategic growth by Optimation. TSD has
extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, complementing Optimation’s
established capabilities in this area. For TSD, Optimation will provide a broader array of
process and mechanical engineering services, as well as fabrication and installation skills.

“TSD adds exciting new talent and national presence,” says Bill Pollock, president and CEO of Optimation. “We envision a company that has many strong groups in diverse geographical locations around the United States. This merger will enable us to better serve large corporate clients with many remote operations,” Pollock states.

But the positive effects of the merger span further than the two companies’ client
base, Pollock notes. “Both Optimation and TSD have strategic relationships with large
vendors. Having multiple locations and more diverse technical skills will make the
combined firm a more valuable business partner.”

Since both companies have a similar culture and business methodologies,
existing TSD clients will see very little change in how the company does business. In
addition, the broad capabilities and services of Optimation will likely be of value to
existing TSD clients. “We’re very excited about the merger with Optimation,” says
Cummings. “TSD and Optimation have similar system integration capabilities, but
Optimation’s process, mechanical and electrical design and fabrication services will give
TSD even more ways to serve our clients.”

TSD’s engineering staff is expected to grow, both within its own division as well
as utilizing Optimation staff resources on TSD projects. Optimation, a global design, engineering and construction company headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., provides solutions and services for industrial and manufacturing applications. Optimation has several locations in the U.S., including Rochester, Houston, Syracuse and Boston, as well as Canadian operations based in Windsor, Ontario.