GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms releases Proficy DataMart

Sept. 19, 2008

Charlottesville, Va.-- GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the release of Proficy DataMart, a new addition to the company’s Proficy suite of integrated production management software products. Proficy DataMart reaches deep within manufacturing operations across a business to provide a single, unifying view into operational performance. Its data-cubing technology layers on top of the Proficy Plant Applications suite of software modules, taking the already robust reporting and analysis capabilities of Proficy to new levels in the plant and across the business.

“EMI is a strategic pillar and core capability in our Proficy Production Management Software portfolio,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager of GE Fanuc’s Proficy Production Management Software. “Proficy DataMart is a great solution for companies that consider themselves to be ‘data-rich but information-poor’ and are struggling to keep up with the speed of business with complex reporting or analyses within and across their businesses.”

Proficy DataMart provides a platform for reducing the time, cost and complexity of developing sophisticated ad-hoc reports and analyses to complement the hundreds of existing reports, views and analysis tools within Proficy Plant Applications. The application supplies access to the accurate, timely product, process and production information vital to manufacturers’ strategic and operational success. Its multi-server, multi-time zone, multi-language capabilities support operations around the clock by connecting to multiple Proficy sites locally, regionally and around the world. And, its high-performance, enterprise architecture leverages the robust Proficy Software and technologies proven throughout industry worldwide to deliver real-time, mission-critical information.

Proficy DataMart’s real-time analysis cube technology puts information in a form users can understand by leveraging their own naming conventions, metrics and calculations. By removing the need to understand the production database schemas, it enhances the ad-hoc reporting and analysis capabilities of Proficy Plant Applications while exposing everything to Proficy Portal, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for extended visualization and reporting. Also, since Proficy DataMart is based on open OLAP standards, it leverages a user’s existing Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management infrastructure and supports their Data Warehouse strategies.