Performix joins SAP’s Industry Value Network Group for chemicals

Sept. 11, 2008

Houston – September 10, 2008 – Performix, a developer of composite applications for streamlining recipe  management, manufacturing execution and electronic batch recording (EBR), today announced it has joined SAP’s Industry Value Network group for chemicals.  This designation, based upon SAP customer feedback and nominations, reflects Performix’s record of manufacturing success with customers and recognition of its ability to bring innovation and expertise to the Industry Value Network.

The Industry Value Network group for chemicals brings together industry-leading customers, independent software vendors, systems integrators, technology vendors and SAP to focus on key priority business needs and opportunities in the chemical industry. The group drives strong collaboration among members to accelerate co-innovation and provide integrated, multi-vendor solutions and services to support key end-to-end business processes for customers.

“We are proud to join the Industry Value Network group for chemicals,” said Sham Afzalpurkar, founder and chief executive officer of Performix. “By working more closely with industry leaders and vendors, Performix can help SAP customers further extend the value of SAP’s platform within the manufacturing plant.”
Performix brings knowledge of manufacturing gained with its manufacturing execution system (MES) to the Industry Value Network. SAP-certified for integration with SAP applications, the Performix xMES suite of software applications provide flexible templates for both recipe management and manufacturing work step execution to deliver an out-of-box MES solution.
When deploying an MES, many of today’s companies are challenged by functional and component overlap with their current ERP solution or automation systems. This can lead to conflict between components in the MES and existing systems, as well as a significant amount of data and work duplication. By using the SAP manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application for integration with SAP solutions, the Performix xMES suite leverages all modules and master data created in SAP solutions, therefore streamlining and simplifying the shop floor execution of batch manufacturing processes and protecting customer’s current investments in infrastructure.