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Living in an Online World

July 24, 2008
Today’s World Should Be Prepared to Live in the Cyber-World
Paul Conley, journalist, consultant and known blogger, kicked off the 2008 ASBPE Conference held this week in Kansas City, MO. His informative and entertaining speech made it clear that we are living in a digital world and were are not prepared for this we must get ready to face the rapid changes that are occurring within the industry.

“I live online” said Conley, “and we should all be prepared to live online.” The old days where journalist had the easiest job in the industry are long gone. Journalists today are stretched thin and we must be prepared to cover the industry differently.

Conley’s opening speech reflected the importance of interactivity, especially in the online world. Online interaction is what is necessary to win any audience, be it the online or print audience.

Conley said that the number one problem web-service only publications face is the competition that print publications are putting out. Print magazines want to crush web-only content producers, yet print organizations should be aware that with this business approach they are missing out on numerous online business opportunities.

Conley reminded us that we are all wire-businesses now. We are also cost centers and our online jobs are moving overseas. Many times our online jobs are placed on the hands of other journalists that are not prepared for the cyber world. Future generations of Web audiences and of journalists will be different from what they are today. They are being raised by the computer and this will better prepare them for online jobs and for understanding the technology of the future.

Print and Web publications should embrace the future and be prepared for all the industry changes that are yet to come.