MTS Sensors' monitors water supply remotely for visually impaired customer

June 9, 2008

Cary, N.C. -- MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division is providing the Web-based tank monitoring solution it developed with OleumTech Corporation, Irvine, Calif, to assist a couple living in Pie Town, N.M., with the monitoring of their water supply. Anne and Jim Dorough, who is visually impaired, need an easier, more accurate way of monitoring the water level in their 3,000 gallon tank to make more efficient use of their supply, as well as to establish a more cost-efficient delivery schedule. MTS Sensors provides the tank measurements and the OleumTech wireless monitors transmit the data back to the couple's home, where a Modbus controller with Ethernet output passes the data onto the Web. In the end, the Doroughs are able to open a web page and pull up the latest measurement at any time.

 "The wireless system makes it possible for us to accurately determine the available water from the comfort of our home 150 feet from the tank," said Anne Dorough. "My husband's visual impairment made it impossible for him to estimate the water level, and he was worried about my climbing that hill in inclement weather. We both really appreciate what MTS and OleumTech have done."

The couple's isolated location requires that their water supply be delivered by truck, and the new system allows them to monitor for leaks, schedule deliveries in order to get the best pricing and better manage appliances that affect their water supply.

 "The solution provided by MTS is both simple and effective. With the sensor and transmitter located at the tank, and the receiver and software in the office, we are able to see exactly how much water we have available from inside the house," said Mrs. Dorough. "This is a lot more convenient, safe and accurate than climbing the hill and feeling the side of the tank."

MTS Sensors uses its Level Plus model MG liquid level transmitter to measure the level in the storage tank. The tank level is transmitted via Modbus to the OleumTech LevelMate Monitor, through the property's trees and three walls, sending the  measurement to the Doroughs' house where the OleumTech DataHub is located. The output from the DataHub is connected to a fieldbus controller that places the information on the Internet. The Doroughs can open the website and poll the unit to find out the last collected measurement, and they can also customize the update time of the radios and the web interface.