Optimation buys development lab from Eastman Kodak

May 13, 2008

Rochester, N.Y.—Optimation Technology has signed an agreement to purchase a web conveyance test facility in Rochester, N.Y., from Eastman Kodak. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Originally termed the “Web Dynamics Lab,” Optimation will be calling this acquisition its new “Media Conveyance Facility” (MCF).

Optimation’s 8,000 sq. ft. Media Conveyance Facility features experimental and analytical web-handling applications, production capabilities and teaching services. Optimation’s MCF offers the flexibility to test hypotheses and solve production problems without the cost and burden of running a laboratory. Optimation’s experienced staff in the design of manufacturing for web conveyance, coating and converting, paired with the new facility creates a unique advantage to solve challenging media production process requirements, such as improving production speed, improving key quality metrics and supporting new functionality. For 35 years, this media conveyance facility and team has proven success in the development of roll to roll processes for paper, film and digital media products.

"This is a great opportunity for Optimation,” says Bill Pollock, president of Optimation. “Acquisition of this facility allows us to provide added experimental and development capabilities for our clients who manufacture web-based products. It allows us to begin working with them earlier in the design cycle of a new product or process and in optimizing their web-based processes.”

Included with the facility are machines and other assets, including a combined wide machine used in wide web film and paper-winding experiments, an endless band section used in air conveyance development experiments, a thin web rewinder used in roll traction studies for film and paper and thin web conveyance studies, a laminator used for laminating and peeling and a narrow width rewinder used for film and paper- finishing winding experiments.

Optimation designs and fabricates automated processes and machines systems for the manufacturing industries, and has served Kodak for 23 years. Optimation is headquartered in Rush, N.Y., with offices and subsidiary corporations throughout the United States and Canada. Optimation serves clients in a number of industries, including chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer products, glass, paper, energy, water and waste water.