SunPine chooses Invensys for biodiesel process simulation

May 7, 2008

Plano, Texas, May 6, - Invensys Process Systems (IPS) has announced that the Swedish bio-refinery SunPine will use Invensys SimSci-Esscor's PRO/II simulation software for modeling a new biodiesel refining operation in Piteå, Sweden. The new plant, which is a member of the Solander Science park biofuels collaboration, converts crude biooil byproducts of pine pulping into second-generation biodiesel for shipment to diesel refining facilities.

"Efficient operation of the distillation column is critical to profitability of biodiesel production, impacting cost, output and regulatory compliance. The more accurately we can simulate our operation, the more effectively we can optimize availability and utilization of the distillation column. We are confident that the PRO/II simulation software has all of the functionality that we need for this important objective," said Magnus Wikman, acting managing director for SunPine.

SunPine will be using a newly patented process to manufacture biodiesel from a main feedstock of crude tall oil, a byproduct of pine pulping, and combine it with vegetable oils such as jatropha or castor oils to create crude tall diesel. With environmental approvals recently in place, SunPine will begin initial construction in the summer of 2008, with biodiesel production start planned for October 2009.

"By combining advanced simulation and modeling with its unique biodiesel distillation operation, SunPine will be well-equipped to meet cost control, output and regulatory challenges in this new industry. We are very pleased that they have chosen our PRO/II modeling solution to augment their process. PRO/II software has power and flexibility that is well-suited to this emerging market," said Joseph McMullen, PRO/II product manager for Invensys.

The contract with SunPine is representative of IPS' growing presence in the biofuels industry. In addition to simulation and modeling software, Invensys has control systems, process instrumentation and cybersecurity solutions in place in numerous biofuel production operations throughout the world.