Siemens’ exiderdome begins U.S. tour

April 18, 2008

Atlanta, April 16, – Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. announced that exiderdome, a traveling technology expo and learning laboratory, will begin the U.S. leg of its world tour in Chicago this summer. exiderdome is the biggest automation marketing campaign that Siemens has ever undertaken in the United States, the company’s largest market.

“To reaffirm our commitment to our American customers, we are bringing productivity solutions for their businesses right to their doorstep,” said Thomas Varney, vice president of communications for Siemens Energy & Automation. “Increased productivity for our customers enables them to be more competitive and successful in the marketplace, which in turn results in a stronger relationship with Siemens.”

Alternatively called The World of Automation, exiderdome brings the latest automation technology directly to Siemens customers in the manufacturing and industrial facilities segments. With nearly 10,000 square feet of space, exiderdome gives customers and prospects an up-close view of the latest technology, while creating a forum for exchanging ideas they can use to build their business.

Drawn from Siemens’ experience in 190 countries from thousands of projects of all industries and sizes, exiderdome will offer visitors a wide range of training and learning events focused on the latest developments in security, energy and the environment, innovation, productivity and other key business challenges. Each program has been designed by the U.S.-based Siemens Energy and Automation to meet the specific needs of its customers. Siemens executives and outside experts, such as industry analysts, futurists, academics and dignitaries will lead the learning events.

Siemens expects more than 9,000 customers and potential customers--ranging from plant and building engineers to top executives of major industrial concerns--to visit exiderdome during its nine stops in major U.S manufacturing centers between July 2008 and May 2009. exiderdome will visit Chicago (July 21-25); Detroit (Aug. 8-15); Boston (Oct. 18-23); New York (Nov. 1-7); Charlotte (Dec. 8-12); Orlando (Feb. 2-6, 2009); Los Angeles (March 5-11, 2009); Denver (April 6-10, 2009); and Houston (May 4-8, 2009).

“Exiderdome not only brings the latest manufacturing automation and training innovations to Siemens customers around the world, it is also a feat of engineering in and of itself. From its unique shipping-container construction to its 4-ton audio/visual system, exiderdome is a thoroughly modern marvel,” Varney adds. 

Exiderdome consists of 55 containers, arranged in a two-story building that is about 50 yards long and includes eight product venues, conference rooms, an executive lounge and a central atrium that can be used for receptions, training sessions, multi-media presentations and black-tie events. Once assembled, exiderdome is entirely self-contained, including air conditioning, heat, wireless Internet access, power generators and a kitchen with hot-and-cold running water.  A 17-member crew keeps exiderdome running. 

The dome will be assembled on an ocean-going barge at its U.S. debut in Chicago, and then sails to its next three U.S. stops plus three Canadian cities along the St. Lawrence Seaway. To reach its final five U.S. destinations, exiderdome will be transferred to a convoy of 55 tractor trailers.