Iconics releases three new products

April 9, 2008

Foxborough, Mass., April 9 -- Iconics, provider of Web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/SCADA visualization and manufacturing intelligence software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, has released three new products.

The Genesis64 is a 64-bit-based, OPC-integrated, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA Suite. It includes several modular solutions that simplify connectivity from the plant floor to corporate business systems. Designed from the ground up to take maximum advantage of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, .NET and SharePoint technology, it allows plant operators and IT professionals to integrate real-time manufacturing and business information into a common, Web-enabled visualization dashboard. The Genesis64 suite is comprised of GraphWorX64, TrendWorX64, AlarmWorX64, EarthWorX and the Workbench Web-based development, deployment and operations products.

“Genesis64 is the first product for manufacturing and automation to take full advantage of the growing popularity of 64-bit computing technology,” said Russ Agrusa, president and CEO of Iconics. “Coupled with the innovative capabilities found in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the Genesis64 suite’s next generation features provide customers with a 360° view of their entire organization.”

Customers benefit from tie-ins to new Microsoft technology including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), 3D hardware-accelerated visualization, Windows Communications Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Sidebars/Gadgets/Sideshow, OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA), User Account Control Persistence, Windows Vista Search & Organize, Vista-enhanced Virtual Earth, and .Net-managed Code Design, among others. Genesis64 also uses other key features from Windows Vista, Virtual Earth and other Microsoft technologies.

Iconics BizViz V9.1 adds a new Productivity Analytics solution which complements the existing BizViz products, including ReportWorX, BridgeWorX, PortalWorX, MobileHMI and Alarm Analytics products. Users are able to gain insight into operations through real-time data aggregation and connectivity to multiple data sources.

Features include thin-client, Web-based configuration, configurable KPIs, automated, on-demand reporting, intuitive Web-based user interface, real-time alert notification, alarm performance benchmarking, OEE delivered to wireless devices, role-based, secure dashboards and flexible shift scheduling.

The Iconics Hyper Historian is a high-performance, scalable, enterprise-wide, 64-bit data historian. This is the first plant historian to be certified for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

“I’m extremely excited and pleased about the release of Hyper Historian” said Agrusa.  “This is a breakthrough product for large-scale applications requiring robust data collection. Iconics took a look at past SQL-based data historians and has developed the first, 64-bit, real-time, plant-wide data historian in the market.”

With data logging rates greater than 50,000 data events per second on reference machines, the Hyper Historian uses a robust swinging door algorithm for extreme high-speed, real-time data collection. Iconics Hyper Historian is available in stand-alone and enterprise versions. The enterprise version includes redundancy and multiple remote collectors.

It is configured through the Workbench, a multi-functional, centralized, Web-based environment. The thin-client, optimistic concurrent design helps to reduce engineering cost and speeds up development time for any project. The Workbench’s advanced configuration console performs complete service management and has integrated layout/project management and remote pack-and-go deployment capabilities.