OAGIS Release 9.2 now available

March 4, 2008

Research Triangle Park, N.C., March 3 - OAGi, the Open Applications Group, announced the general availability of OAGIS Release 9.2. This release of OAGIS is backwardly compatible to OAGIS 9.0 and 9.1, and features the ISA95 Business Object Documents related to production performance and production schedule.

"Our OAGi members really drive the direction of the standard," said OAGi CEO David Connelly. "And they have told us that ISA95 is very important to them, so we are pleased to be able to partner with ISA to deliver these new BODs as part of OAGIS 9.2."

ISA95 is a multi-part standards effort that defines an abstract model of the enterprise, including manufacturing control functions and business functions, and its information exchange. The standard works to define electronic information exchange between the manufacturing control functions and other enterprise functions including data models and exchange definitions.

"The ISA95 committee is thrilled to have our standards included in the OAGIS 9.2 release," said ISA95 chair Keith Unger. "ISA95 has improved the processes of many users, and we're confident that the OAGIS standard will utilize our work to continue that mission."

OAGIS 9.2 is an enhancement release that includes full support for the UN/CEFACT/ISO Core Components Technical Specification, CCTS 2.01, harmonized Core Components from UN/CEFACT TBG17, many enhancements for manufacturing functionality, and technical improvements to better support Web services and to make OAGIS easier to use. The standard includes 494 business object documents, 79 nouns, and one new verb, the "notify" verb.

OAGi was formed in 1994 as the first post-EDI organization focusing on the improvement of application integration. The group promotes business process interoperability for both inter- and intra-enterprise business processes and encourages the creation standards to assist organizations in achieving connectivity and multiple-source integration.

For more information about OAGi, or to obtain the free download of OAGIS Release 9.2, visit www.oagi.org. For more information about ISA95, visit www.isa.org/standards.