Mu Security joins ISA Security Compliance Institute

Feb. 8, 2008

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Mu Security has become an early Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISA SCI). Mu’s membership in the ISA-SCI will help develop meaningful security development and certification benchmarks for ensuring safely developed and deployed industrial control systems.

“Control system security is a critical concern to our customers, and a key element of today’s control system strategies,” said Alicia DuBay, director of systems marketing, ABB Inc. “Use of the Mu-4000 appliance throughout our internal development process, paired with MUSIC certification’s evolution to the ISA SCI certification program, will help further ensure ABB customers that our control systems will meet or exceed very stringent security and robustness criteria. The control system industry benefits with an independent ISA SCI certification program, especially with the incorporation of existing rigorous certifications including Foundation-level MUSIC certification.”

The ISA SCI is a globally recognized body working toward establishing the ISA Secure certification designation that identifies and promotes security-compliant products and systems in the industrial automation industry. As the first shipping negative-testing appliance member of ISA SCI, Mu will continue to incorporate the future ISA SCI certification specifications within its award-winning Mu-4000 system, including MUSIC certification. MUSIC certification, launched in 2007, helps ensure the safety and security of products in use at leading critical infrastructure sites, including suppliers to process control customers, such as oil refineries, large manufacturing sites, chemical processing sites and electric power distribution plants.

“As a leading supplier of rapidly deployable, negative testing solutions and a proven supplier to several ISA SCI founding and member organizations, we are pleased to welcome Mu Security as a Technical Member,” said Andre Ristaino, managing director, ISA Security Compliance Institute. “Mu’s two-year track record of appliance deployment experience throughout the product development and deployment processes of leading critical infrastructure sites and in their supplier product developers' life cycles will help make the ISA Secure certification program, since the company is already helping to reduce both security and safety issues in production networks.”

This collaborative effort by ISA Security Compliance Institute member organizations will promote the integration of disparate security practices into a single, open framework by establishing the ISA Secure designation. Compliant products will be entitled to carry the ISA Secure designation, which provides instant recognition of the product's security characteristics to asset owners and integrators when making procurement decisions.