HART releases new development and testing tools

Nov. 12, 2007
Austin, Texas— The HART Communication Foundation (HCF) has announced the release of Version 3.1 of the HART Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE). The new DD-IDE Version 3.1 supports the HART enhanced Device Description Language (DDL) Specification and the development of DDs for WirelessHART. The HCF DD-IDE tool suite is a comprehensive set of integrated software tools for efficient development, testing and maintenance of enhanced HART Device Descriptions. “The new DD-IDE tool suite is part of the Foundation’s continuous improvement process and effort to improve the  construction and testing of HART Device Descriptions for new devices or improved field devices ,” says Ed Ladd, HCF Director of Technology Programs. “As the HCF standard for DD development and testing, the new DD-IDE is receiving widespread support from device developers and system suppliers worldwide.” Key components of the new DD-IDE Version 3.1 are an updated reference host SDC-625 Smart Device Configurator for DD validation and testing; an updated XMTR-DD device simulator; an improved DDL Tokenizer; a new DD aware editor; and improved Wizards for DD development. The new DD-IDE improves developer productivity by simplifying DD development through the addition of standard “C” like tools and support for legacy development. Device Description Language (IEC 61804-2, EDDL) has been a key element of the HART technology since 1990 and is the HART standard and the only technology endorsed by the HCF for configuration of HART devices. The enhanced Device Description Language simplifies and standardizes the presentation of intelligent device information for both automation suppliers and users worldwide.