CDC Software launches first packaged MOM solution for SAP

Oct. 25, 2007

HONG KONG & ATLANTA--CDC Software, a provider of industry-specific enterprise software applications and business services, announced today that CDC Factory, the first packaged manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution, has been certified by SAP as a NetWeaver Composite Application.

CDC Factory is the industry’s first and only packaged manufacturing operations management system that leverages human capital in plant operations and standardizes the best practices of lean manufacturing, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and continuous improvement. With the certified integration, SAP customers can establish a real-time framework that unlocks hidden capacity on the factory floor by managing production scheduling in real time, pinpointing the causes of plant inefficiencies and providing immediate feedback on key operating metrics including rate, yield, utilization and per unit cost. The system focuses on unlocking the potential of human capital on the shop floor by providing pre-defined workflows for the environment of the workplace and a highly intuitive kiosk-style interface for real-time performance tracking. This enables factory floor operators to act on information in real time and make immediate decisions to adjust production schedules, improve OEE and reduce waste. This role-based design extends to middle and senior management where information is summarized to make the daily operations of all plants throughout the enterprise transparent. Since CDC Factory is a packaged solution specifically designed for process manufacturers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries, it is often installed and producing results in eight weeks or less.

According to a AMR Research report in July 2007, “While the CDC Factory may be the new kid on the block, it’s not just midsize manufacturers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and CP industries that should take notice. Global manufacturers should take heed as well. AMR Research’s Manufacturing Peer Forum members say that unlocking the potential of plant operations personnel and letting them take ownership of the improvement process has been highly successful in operations excellence initiatives. We couldn’t agree more, having long been proponents of role-based, industry-specific templates for manufacturing-focused software applications. While this approach has been long embraced by MES and EAM best of breeds, ERP-based manufacturing software applications continue to deliver back-office user paradigms to the shop floor. This forces users rather than software to be adaptive. CDC Factory breaks this paradigm, offering users an easy-to-consume application that supports rather than hinders their productivity, while acting as a front end to virtually any back-end ERP.” Simon Jacobson, AMR Research Senior Research Analyst, “CDC Software Delivers Operations Excellence in Plain English,” July 2, 2007.

CDC Factory SAPConnect is a packaged composite application (PCA) that integrates CDC Factory with SAP’s ERP applications. In addition to the certified integration for SAP, CDC Factory is deployed and integrated with many of the industry’s leading ERP applications.