ISA, MIMOSA, OAGi, OPC, and WBF join forces to establish OpenO&M

Oct. 9, 2007

Research Triangle Park, N.C., October 9 -- ISA, MIMOSA, the OPC Foundation, the Open Applications Group Inc. and WBF have established OpenO&M, a cooperative forum where members can work together to solve automation challenges through standardization and harmonization of industry guidelines.

Each organization has a different scope and focus for its individual standards and specifications work. The principal organizations in OpenO&M are working together to ensure a cohesive set of standards, harmonize divergent and competitive approaches to standardization, avoid duplication of efforts and eliminate confusion among users. Through collaboration and communication about the development of manufacturing data exchange standards and implementation technologies, OpenO&M will stimulate continuous improvement of specific standards and specifications overseen by participant organizations. The forum will facilitate end user input and direction, and provide a coordinating function to exchange insights, identify overlaps and harmonize work.

"OpenO&M is not a new or separate standards body, and it is not an organization for the arbitration of technical questions. Instead, it's a forum where organizations can come together to work on projects that benefit the industry," said Alan Johnston, MIMOSA President. 

The principal organizations will exchange non-voting memberships on a no-fee basis, enabling the principals to provide staff and officers to attend each other's meetings and participate in standards development activities. The organizations will share the official minutes of their relevant work group meetings, committee rosters and draft documents. OpenO&M allows for cross-participation in each others' work groups, project teams and other related committees.

The principals will work together to reconcile differences, duplications and inconsistencies in standards. They will exchange XML schema and communicate technology experiences and knowledge to aid each other in their developments and to share implementations where it is in the best interest of each organization. The organizations will also team up to communicate the benefits of manufacturing standards and implementation technologies to manufacturing companies and their

OpenO&M will be administered by a steering committee, composed of one representative from each of the principal organizations. 

For more information about OpenO&M, or the principal organizations, visit