FDT Group and EDDL agree on device integration solution

April 19, 2007
Groups bow to customer requests for unified, compatible solutions.

Hannover, Germany - The EDDL Cooperation Team (ECT) and the FDT Group say they have reached agreement to combine efforts and work toward a unified solution for device integration that is compatible with both technologies. This would satisfy one of the most frequent customer requests. The representatives of the FDT Group and ECT have seized this historic opportunity for cooperation and will develop a common technology to benefit both users and manufacturers. As part of this agreement, the FDT Group will join the ECT as its newest member.

FDT and ECT representatives agree to work together to finalize this solution and achieve a common framework that meets the requirements of all parties. Future developments will use a subset of the OPC UA technology within a client-server architecture. In addition, both parties have agreed to incorporate the advantages of FDT and EDDL technologies.

"This new cooperation follows our targets of openness and freedom of choice for the benefit of end users and is strongly supported by our members," says Flavio Tolfo, managing director of the FDT Group. He continues, "After much discussion, we reached commitment to work together and protect the investment of each technology for the benefit of end users. The FDT Group is looking forward to bringing to bear its broad experience of integrating software applications in conjunction with device descriptions by joining the EDDL Cooperation Team to solve end user needs."

Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, chairman of the ECT adds: "This agreement, once brought into reality, is a major step forward for device integration in several areas. It eliminates double efforts for customers and vendors, and preserves backward compatibility and operating system independence. It is based on the upcoming OPC UA technology, providing EDDL based integration with the possibility for integrating software applications for highly complex requirements. Our agreement is the natural technical evolution based on the most up to date, open, and flexible technologies. The ECT welcomes the FDT Group as a new member to shape the future."