ISA SP104 committee announces new website for EDDL

April 18, 2007 gives EDDL information and offers resources for learning more about the technology.

Research Triangle Park, NC - ISA's Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) standards committee, ISA-SP104, has launched a new website,, that gives information about the standard and offers resources for learning more about EDDL technology. The Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) standard advances interoperability of devices in control systems and handheld communicators. Integration of all functionality in simple sensors through complex drives using different protocols is facilitated. Device diagnostics, asset management and user interface displays enabled by EDDL enhance reliability and performance.

"EDDL is an important subject in the industry today, and we're proud of the work that we're doing to further the understanding of how this standard is used to make plants more competitive," said ISA-SP104 Committee Chair Terry Blevins of Emerson Process. "This website will offer viewers the chance to see the benefits and history, how it is used, common questions and answers, and who the supporting organizations are."

Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology is used by major manufacturers to describe the information that is accessible in digital devices. Electronic device descriptions are available for over 15 million devices that are currently installed in the process industry. The technology is used by the major process control systems and maintenance tool suppliers to support device diagnostics and calibration.

The ISA-SP104 committee and the ISA Standards and Practices Board have recently approved ISA-61804-3 (104.00.01), Function Blocks (FB) for Process Control - Part 3: Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL). This standard, which is an identical adoption of the IEC standard of the same title, specifies EDDL as a generic language for describing the properties of automation system components. The standard is now before the American National Standards Institute for final approval. ISA expects to publish the standard next month. The website is a good way for interested parties to learn how to ensure long-term viability of device management solutions, protect their investment in these systems and easily keep it current, ensure security and robustness, according to Blevins. The site also features links to training, technical articles about EDDL, online tutorials, and other related standards efforts.