Emerson to optimize three cogeneration and utility plants in Thailand

April 5, 2005


merson Process Management has been awarded a contract by the Glow Group to improve operational and economic performance of its cogeneration and utility plants across three separate sites at Rayong, Thailand. Glow Group is a subsidiary of Suez-Tractebel and is the largest privately owned power producer in Thailand. Emerson will use its AMS Suite: Real-Time Optimizer, a digital plant architecture, to optimize and deliver maximum economic return from available assets.

The adoption of AMS Optimizer will enable the Glow Group to manage profitability of assets in real-time. The architecture will determine the most fuel-efficient operation from generation of optimum equipment setpoints for electricity and steam loads for all Rayong facilities. It will also provide capabilities for equipment selection optimization, equipment performance calculations and key performance indicators to quantify the effect of equipment degradation for all major areas of plant operation.

The Glow Group comprises power producers and utility providers delivering electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand under its SPP (Small Power Producer) and IPP (Independent Power Producer) programs, as well as supplying local industries. The Glow Group is the largest privately owned power producer in Thailand with total electricity generating capacity approaching 1700MW.