Remote monitoring and alarm notification system offers web-based status and data logging

Sept. 3, 2005
My STATIONSitter Web Service automatically collects data to identify trends, track alarm response.

SENSAPHONE, a design and development company of remote monitoring systems for industry, has announced a new, web-based status and data-logging tool for its remote monitoring and alarm notification system. The My STATIONSitter Web Service collects data from monitored locations and, at a predetermined time, automatically uploads the information to a secure web site. That site can then be accessed via the Internet, allowing users to track historical data and alarm responses. 

The system, designed exclusively for the water and wastewater industries, provides automatic web page capabilities in a highly integrated solution with features like automatic input configuration, integrated pump control, and user acknowledgement alarm tracking. The system remotely monitors critical water and wastewater equipment and processes using the latest technology in alarm notification and is capable of monitoring temperature, flow rate, tank levels, pressure, power, and other conditions. When unfavorable or dangerous conditions exist, the system automatically issues alarm notifications through custom voice messages, alphanumeric pages, and text messaging.

In addition, a built-in duplex pump control allows managers to use only one system to perform both the alarm notification and pump control with remote override of the pumps.

Additional features of the system include:

  • Eight universal inputs
  • No input jumpers
  • Scaleable range for analog zones
  • Alarm notification for up to eight destinations
  • Built-in alarm testing
  • Individual user codes to track alarm response
  • Password-protected keypad and speaker for local programming
  • Status check via touch-tone phone
  • Internal microphone

The monitoring and alarm notification system has internal surge protection proven to withstand power surges and lightning strikes of up to 1.5 million watts.