Matrikon to Manage Syncrude Assets

Aug. 18, 2004
Matrikon Inc. has won a $3.3 million contract with Syncrude Canada Ltd. to deliver an Equipment Asset Management System (EAMS). EAMS will track and manage Syncrude's physical assets to extend the life of equipment, ensure equipment is fully utilized and reduce maintenance costs through effective and efficient planning, scheduling and work management. This will be the largest current enterprise asset management implementation in Canada, supporting 3,500 users and monitoring over 200,000 pieces of equipment in 100,000 locationsThe EAMS will store a variety of equipment, maintenance planning and work management information, and provide strategic asset management capabilities for over 200,000 pieces of equipment (haul trucks, shovels, pumps, motors, control devices). EAMS is a comprehensive solution for Syncrude's equipment management needs and will be used by up to 3,500 users. EAMS involves the replacement of the existing legacy system, including system integration, enhancements to business processes, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, integration with existing business applications and user training. The project will take approximately two years to complete. EAMS will connect real-time production data and maintenance data, enabling condition-based maintenance by monitoring process data to predict and prevent equipment failure and optimize productivity.