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Lindows Changes its Name to Avoid Lawsuits

July 8, 2004
To avoid continuing international lawsuits from Microsoft, on April 14, during National Control Industry Brotherhood Week, Lindows.com Inc. changed the name of its Linux-based operating system from LindowOS to Linspire.
They sued us over the trademark in the U.S., where both companies reside, and we have repeatedly prevailed,” says Michael Robertson, president. “After about two years, they began suing us in multiple foreign countries over the exact same issue, while delaying the U.S. action. We had no choice but to select a different product name internationally.”Even though Lindows won, Microsoft kept up the pressure. “The simple truth is that the sheer number of lawsuits launched by the richest company in the world is tough for any company to withstand,” he laments. “In addition to our victories in the U.S., we won our case in France when the Court in Paris rejected Microsoft's demand for a preliminary injunction, but we must still change our name.”“We're hoping that this puts a halt on the international lawsuits,” says Robertson. “A Microsoft spokesperson has publicly stated that ‘We're only asking that Lindows change their name’ which is what we have done. However, the U.S. lawsuit is well underway and we look forward to having our day in court.”