groov gets IOS and Android apps

May 9, 2013

TEMECULA, Calif. -- Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has released groov View for iOS and groov View for Android, apps that control how groov browser-based operator interfaces are displayed on smartphones, tablets and other devices. The free groov View apps are an optional part of Opto 22's groov, a new way to securely build and deploy web-based operator interfaces for automation, monitoring and control applications. Industrial automation end-users, system integrators, machine OEMs, building managers or any authorized person can view these interfaces on virtually any device using a modern web browser.

Using the groov View app instead of a browser visually simplifies the interface on a mobile device by displaying it full screen and without browser menus. This option focuses the user's attention on the operator interface screen by removing navigation buttons, favorite and the URL bar visible in most mobile device web browsers, and makes a groov interface function like a native app for that operating system. The groov View app includes options to leave time and other device information visible at the top of the screen as well as to switch between the views—desktop or handheld—developed for the operator interface. User access to the operator interface can be password protected.

The groov View app is ideal for OEMs and system integrators using an iOS or Android device as the operator interface to their systems or equipment. When used on iOS devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, the iOS operating system can be configured to limit the user to using only groov View for iOS. Generally referred to as "kiosk mode," iOS's Guided Access feature lets an administrator restrict the iOS device to a single app, disable the hardware buttons and keep the device from sleeping, effectively providing a low-power, low-cost, wireless, touchscreen operator interface locked down for an intended use only.

This feature will appeal to OEM machine builders who wish to use these off-the-shelf devices in their systems with industrial enclosures now available. Kiosk mode will also appeal to building control applications, where the mobile device can be mounted on a wall and function as a lighting control, thermostat and audio/video control in a single compact unit.

groov is a new way to build, deploy and view simple, effective and scalable operator interfaces to monitor and control systems and equipment using computers and mobile devices. These operator interfaces can be viewed on almost any computer or mobile device regardless of its manufacturer, operating system or screen size, including PCs, tablets, smartphones and even smart high-definition televisions. groov is intended to augment traditional human-machine interfaces (HMIs) by making important information available at any time and in any location.

groov View for iOS and groov View for Android are available now free of charge on the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively.