Masoneilan Valves to Integrate With ABB 800xA

Dec. 8, 2010
ABB and Dresser Masoneilan agreed to collaborate on emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) integration with the ABB System 800xA

Possibly feeling a little left out in the cold will be ABB, who made an announcement on September 22, maybe two weeks before the GE acquisition, that ABB and Dresser Masoneilan had agreed to collaborate on emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) integration with the ABB System 800xA. An integrated process will monitor, test and manage these ESDV during all operational conditions, from normal plant operations to abnormal situations, providing crucial process elements for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, as well as many other industrial processes.

"Our collaboration with industry leaders like Dresser Masoneilan helps us to offer our mutual customers best-in-class safety solutions that will protect the integrity of their processes and the surrounding community," said Luis Duran, Americas business development manager for Safety Systems, ABB.

Simplified safety compliance

The combined solution leverages the capabilities of ABB's 800xA High Integrity SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and Masoneilan's SVI II ESD (emergency shutdown device) and PST Controller to improve overall plant safety and increase the availability of ESDVs for optimal response of the isolation valve in emergency situations.  This integration also simplifies safety compliance by automatically recording partial-stroke test results and emergency shutdown events, saving time and money while increasing efficiency. 

As an integrated object within System 800xA, Masoneilan's SVI II ESD device can be configured to perform scheduled partial valve stroke tests while remotely monitoring and maintaining the emergency shutdown valves during normal plant operations. This minimizes the need for outages and downtime to evaluate the health and readiness of these critical process elements. This also provides easy to understand alerts and recommendations regarding valve status, as well as required partial stroke test and emergency shutdown signatures and documentation