Danieli India picks Dresser Masoneilan valves for steel plant

March 3, 2009

HOUSTON, Texas, March 2, 2009 -- Valve manufacturer Dresser Masoneilan was recently chosen by steel plant and equipment supplier Danieli India, Ltd. to provide control valves for the Vizakhapatnam Steel Plant project located at the outskirts of Vizakhapatnam the main important port of India. Danieli selected Dresser Masoneilan to provide 36005 Series V-Max control ball valve sets for use in a critical steel manufacturing process.

Danieli’s decision was based not only on the V-Max valve’s superior performance, but also on Dresser Masoneilan’s ability to customize the product to their particular requirements. “Danieli needed a vendor that could be flexible when it came to sizing. We worked with them to determine the right valves for the application,” Vijay Kaul, Vice President of Sales for Dresser Masoneilan India explains.

In addition to the V-Max valve’s ability to withstand harsh environments, the valve is capable of handling high flow volumes. This automatic throttling control valve can also be configured for extreme temperatures, and it is designed for simple alignment and easy maintenance.

The Dresser Masoneilan V-Max valves will play a crucial flow control role in the casting of billets and blooms, the semi-finished form of steel that forgers use to create end products. In recent years, the steel industry has been adding casters to the manufacture of billets and blooms. Danieli has developed several technologies and methodologies to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the casting process while improving product quality.

“The high quality of our valves makes them ideal for use with casters,” Kaul adds. “As the steel industry continues to increase the use of casters for billets and blooms, our customers have the confidence of knowing we have the right resources for this specialized application.”