Chinese Demand for Industrial Valves Balloons

Oct. 6, 2008
Rapid Growth in Process Manufacturing, Public Utilities Construction and General Construction Activity in China, Increase Demand for Industrial Valves

Demand for industrial valves in China will rise 11.5% per year through 2011 to 79 billion yuan, predict analysts at The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based research firm. Driving this demand are rapid growth in process manufacturing, public utilities construction and general construction activity overall, as China continues its process of industrialization and urbanization.

China is a net importer of industrial valve products, with a trade deficit of 950 million yuan, and gross imports representing 30% of demand in 2006, reflecting high domestic demand and the relatively low standards of valve manufacturing technology in China. These and other trends are presented in Freedonia’s report, “Industrial Valves in China.”

Demand for standard valves will continue to account for the larger share of total sales, exceeding 50 billion yuan in 2011, reflecting their widespread application in Chinese industrial processes. However, advances will be faster in the automatic valve segment, where annual sales growth of 12.5% will be driven by a shift from manual to automated processes in key manufacturing and utilities construction markets.

Steel and steel alloys will remain the dominant valve materials, benefiting from their durability, versatility and good performance in high temperature and stress applications.

Original equipment demand comprised over three-fifths of the total Chinese valve market in 2006, and will be supported by a positive outlook for gross fixed capital formation.

The process manufacturing industries (particularly chemical production and petroleum refining) and public utilities (especially electric power generation) will continue to be the leading markets for industrial valves. The process manufacturing market is projected to see the fastest gains through 2011, rising 12.6% annually to over 34 billion yuan. Gains will be stimulated by substantial growth in chemical, refined petroleum, and pulp and paper output. The public utilities market will experience average growth, with valve demand reaching 27.3 billion yuan in 2011. Advances will be driven by the expansion in electric power generation as China continues to industrialize.