Jamesbury Topworks school back in session

March 6, 2008

Shrewsbury, Mass., March 5 -- The "Topworks School” for Jamesbury brand valves and actuators that was so popular in the '80s and '90s will once again be in session at Metso Automation's USA headquarters in Shrewsbury, Mass.

The Topworks School for Jamesbury distributors, reps and customers provides instruction and hands-on experience in the proper methods of mounting, setting and testing Jamesbury pneumatic actuators, electric actuators with and without positioners, limit switches and valve accessories. As a result, users will get the benefit of better performing and longer lasting valve/actuator assembly packages. They will also obtain a thorough understanding of how to ensure that Topworks assemblies meet the manufacturer's requirements.

Wayne Gervais, senior technical support specialist for Jamesbury products, states, "When customers purchase Jamesbury valve/actuator assemblies they are paying for sealing performance, durability and a low-cost, high-life-cycle valve package. Our experience shows that, within the small number of items end users return, a major source of the problems involve improper mounting, setup or adjustments made to the product. For example, if an actuator drive shaft is not in line with the valve shaft, there is excessive wear on the stem packing that can result in premature leaking. The fundamentals we teach at the school ensure that proper assembly procedures are followed.”

Gervais noted that the Topworks School, which takes two days, will be given about four times a year. Enrollment is limited to eight students, who are paired with a partner to solve hands-on assembly, setup and adjustment assignments. The Jamesbury reps and distributors who take this course will be prepared to instruct their own customers in assembling valve packages using best practice mounting guidelines.

For more information about the Topworks School contact Kate Davis at 508-852-0200, ext. 2215.