GE Energy to provide controls equipment for hydro power plant in China

June 6, 2005
When it is completed in 2009, the Three Gorges Project will be the world's largest hydorpower plant in the world.

GE ENERGY HAS been awarded a contract by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. of Harbin, China to provide 12 sets of turbine governors for the Three Gorges Right Bank Power Station. Located in Yichang City, China, the Three Gorges project is the largest hydropower project in the world. 

GE Energy will provide a comprehensive hydro controls solution, combining digital governors, FC™20000 flow control valves, installation, commissioning and start-up services. GE Energy's solution incorporates the MicroNet™ digital governor with proprietary hydro controls algorithms to create a customized controller with triplex redundancy. Capable of delivering up to 23,700 liters / minute at 1,100 psi, the FC20000 valve was designed specifically for the Three Gorges project.         
"As the largest in the world, Three Gorges is the industry flagship hydro plant," said Ricardo Artigas, president of energy services for GE Energy. "GE Energy's advanced control solution continues to demonstrate our long-term commitment to the Chinese power market, as well as aid Three Gorges to efficiently meet its energy demands."

Launched in 1993, the Three Gorges Project is being built on the middle reaches of China's longest waterway, the Yangtze River. When it is completed in 2009, the Three Gorges Project will consist of 26 generators with a combined energy generation capacity of 18,200 megawatts and will be able to generate 84.7 billion kWh of electric power annually.