V2-Municipal Flowmeter

March 24, 2005
Flowmeter delivers high accuracy in tight spaces
Flowmeter has built-in flow conditioning for minimum upstream/downstream straight-run piping requirements of clean water and wastewater treatment applications. With a computer added to its built-in flow transmitter, the flowmeter provides secure password-protected lock-out access. The standard configuration flow computer has front panel access via its membrane-type touchpad display and can be remote-mounted. Dual engineering units capability means rate and total flow functions are independent, allowing for different combinations of flow units.  The V2 comes pre-packaged and ready to install with a built-in 3-way valve that isolates the transmitter from the process fluid flow for maintenance without shutting down the pipeline. It arrives wet-flow calibrated directly from the factory and operates on the same proven operation principle as other differential pressure type fowmeters, using the theory of conservation of energy in fluid flow through a pipe.The V-Cone DP flow sensor conditions fluid flow to provide a stable flow profile. The cone interacts with the fluid flow and reshapes the velocity profile to create a lower pressure region immediately downstream. The pressure difference, which is exhibited between the static line pressure and the low pressure created downstream of the cone, can be measured via two pressure sensing taps. One tap is placed slightly upstream of the cone and the other is located in the downstream face of the cone itself.  The pressure difference can then be incorporated into a derivation of the Bernoulli equation to determine the fluid flow rate.The cone’s central position in the line optimizes the velocity of the liquid flow at the point of measurement. It forms very short vortices as the flow passes the cone. These short vortices create a low amplitude, high frequency signal for excellent signal stability. The result is a highly stable flow profile for measurement accuracy from +1% with +0.1% repeatability over a wide flow range of 10:1. Click to download a free brochure of the V2-Municipal Flowmeter.