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How Nice Is That “Nice-Looking Sales Rep” Really?

Oct. 16, 2008
Take an Exclusive Look at What's to Come in Our November Issue of Control Magazine

“That nice-looking sales rep in the business suit got through the perimeter security and has arrived at the guard shack, seeking admittance to the plant for an appointment with Paula Process, one of your instrument engineers. The rep could be packing a Hekcler & Koch 9mm pistol, be wrapped in explosives under that suit coat or carrying a bomb or an AK 47 in the attache case. Can your security handle this?”

That’s the haunting question with which contributing editor Rich Merritt begins his story on security inside your plant in the November issue of Control. Don’t miss this look at the latest in video cameras, RFID tags and other methods for keeping track of who’s doing what and where they are inside your operations. It’s only one piece of Control’s Special Issue on Security in the Process Industries, soon to be available here at ControlGlobal.com soon.

The November 2008 entire issue will be devoted to critical infrastructure protection for process operations. We’ve brought together the entire Control team to cover every aspect of this important issue. See more.