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Emerson turns "technical milestones into customer cornerstones"

By Jim Montague, executive editor, Control

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It's often said that there's no substitute for experience. And if Emerson Process Management's 135 years of expertise (dating back to the original Fisher Controls) is any indication, the company clearly continues to deliver on its time-tested adage of turning "technical milestones into customer cornerstones."

"We say that good technology fulfills a spec, but great technology delivers business value and empowers people," said Peter Zornio, Emerson chief strategic officer as he kicked off the annual "technology tornado" overview for media and analysts of all the new solutions on parade at Emerson Global Users Exchange this week in Denver.

Measure & Analyze: Pervasive Sensing

"Last year, we talked about our Pervasive Sensing strategy: the use of innovative sensors and strategic data interpretation to enable action by users," said Bob Karshnia, Emerson vice president, wireless. "This week we're launching Pervasive Sensing applications that allow users to see and respond to issues more quickly. We've also web-enabled Pervasive Sensing, so our solutions can scale up and down to any application, and further improve ease of use with simple dashboards that provide even faster views."

Among the key measurement and analysis solutions introduced this year are:

The Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge features field-proven piezoresistive sensor technology, is reported to be the industry's first WirelessHART pressure gauge, and has up to 150x overpressure capabilities and dual-process isolation. It provides reliable visual readings to operators in the field, pressure data and device status indication remotely to operations, and has increased field protection. It will be available in Spring 2016.

The Rosemount 2056 Silica Analyzer is a colorimetric analyzer that continuously measures silica in up to six process streams, and is designed for ease-of-use from installation and start-up through maintenance. It provides insight into silica deposition on turbine blades to aid cleaning, and includes easy analyzer operation and maintenance.

Measure & Analyze: Flow

"We're hearing from customers that they're concerned about reliability, robustness and calibration certainty, and so we've redesigned our Rosemount 8750W magnetic flowmeter platform from the bottom up," said Bret Shanahan, marketing vice president for flow measurement at Emerson. "Also, increasing use of natural gas means more users are buying and selling it, and so they need custody transfer solutions with better redundancy of measurement, such as our new Daniel 3410 Series ultrasonic flowmeters. Finally, our Roxar Corrosion Monitoring System enables our refinery users to blend more opportunity crudes, and do it more safely and consistently."

Operate & Manage: Process Control and Asset Reliability

Zornio reported that Version 13 of the company's DeltaV process automation system began shipping a few months ago, and offers further enhancements in the areas of cyber security, alarm management, Logbooks capabilities and Ethernet I/O Card (EIOC) connectivity:

DeltaV Alarm Mosaic features dynamic graphical presentation of alarms and control actions on a scalable timeline, alarm attribute clustering and filtering, historical views of previous alarm patterns, and zero required configuration.

Emerson Logbooks includes shift dashboards for insight into events and changeover priorities; task management capabilities for improved visibility and planned action; integration with DeltaV to deliver information in context; and automation of entries based on system events required.

Improved cybersecurity functions such as DeltaV Security Administration Center for simplified security management; V13 enabling of Microsoft Windows Firewall; improved network hardening on L2.5 with Smart Switch; and AMS Device Manager for enhanced user management.

In addition, Zornio reported on several new machinery health and energy monitoring solutions:

The Ovation Machinery Health Monitor features health monitoring and machinery protection in the Ovation DCS. A high-performance I/O module dedicated to machinery health functions installs easily into a spare I/O slot and eliminates hardware, wiring and overhead associated with connecting two systems.

The CSI 6500 ATG is a standalone machinery protection solution that allows users to cost-effectively introduce predictive monitoring of critical assets. It includes multi-functional cards that can be easily reconfigured for a wide range of measurements, including peak-to-peak data used in Emerson's PeakVue technology.

Energy Advisor software has site-wide tracking of water, air, gas, electricity and steam use; energy consumption targets based on historical usage and process models; and intuitive energy dashboards and vast reporting tools.

Operate & Manage: SCADA and Operations Management

Next, Stuart Miller, marketing vice president for remote automation solutions at Emerson, reviewed the most notable launches in the company's remote automation portfolio:

The FB1100/FB1200 and FB2100/FB2200 next-generation flow computers are compact, field-mount gas flow computers with flexible power options, mobile SCADA wireless field connectivity, and an interactive local display.

OpenEnterprise, Version 3.2, SCADA software is optimized for wide area, low bandwidth communications, and has a native interface to AMS Device Manager.

Syncade Logistics software for trucks and railcars has automated truck bay queuing and parking lot management, blend ratio management to ensure accurate quality, and RFID vehicle tracking.

SmartProcess Blend, Version 5.0, has closed-loop optimization and control of in-line blenders for DeltaV; multi-lingual blend order management system with web-based interface; and configurable control modules for up to 15 components and 25 qualities.

Final Control & Regulate

Bruce Johnson, vice president for Fisher valves at Emerson, added that the most important releases in the Final Control & Regulate space are:

Fisher Z500 severe-service ball valves that feature a two-piece floating ball valve, integral metal seat to minimize potential leak paths, and flexibility with different valve options and large size range.

DCMlink software is a unified, electric-actuator control, monitoring and diagnostics platform that allows users to diagnose, configure and monitor all electric actuators from a central location independent of protocol, actuator or host system. It integrates management of asset data, profiles, alarm and event logs, and has Bluetooth capability.

"We're hearing from customers that they're concerned about reliability, robustness and calibration certainty." Emerson's Bret Shanahan on feedback that shaped the company's newly redesigned Rosemount 8750W magnetic flowmeter platform.

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