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2016 State of Technology Report: The rise of configurable I/O

Download the latest I/O system coverage from the annals of Control.

The latest critical trends in I/O systems take advantage of the versatility and communications capabilities of intelligent, configurable I/O. Being able to install universal I/O based on approximate point count, then configure or reconfigure it later to match the needed process variables allows construction and installation to proceed independent from engineering, taking I&C off the critical path.

Intelligent I/O transmits more than just the measured and manipulated variables, opening the possibilities for integrating capabilities from condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to all the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Download “The rise of configurable I/O” State of Technology Report for the latest I/O system coverage from the annals of Control.

Topics include:

  • Programmable I/O can be a multitasking master
  • ExxonMobil commits to thinking differently with electrical 19
  • integration, configurable I/O
  • Benefits of integrating smart I/O in asset management system
  • And more

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