Rockwell Automation introduces InSite Services managed support

April 3, 2009

MILWAUKEE, April 2, 2009 — Rockwell Automation yesterday announced the availability of its InSite Services, a suite of managed services that helps manufacturers reduce costs, improve production-system performance,and increase operating cash flow. 

InSite Services are a value-added service extension to the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and FactoryTalk Integrated Production and Performance Suite. By leveraging the Rockwell Automation technology platforms, Insite Services help provide significant cost savings for global manufacturers. InSite Services are delivered from seven global operations centers in 15 languages, giving manufacturers instant 24/7/365 access to more than 300 senior engineering and manufacturing IT professionals supported by a sophisticated remote-monitoring, diagnostic and knowledge-management system.

InSite Services allow manufacturers to select and configure six managed service capabilities to create a system life-cycle management strategy that meets their needs and helps greatly reduce their costs. These capabilities include:
* Surveillance – Remote system monitoring 
* Diagnostics – System analysis, troubleshooting and issue correction
* Administration – Life-cycle application and system management
* Knowledge – Integrated knowledge management services
* Optimization – System performance improvement and development services
* Visualization – The Rockwell Automation entry into the plant intelligence as a service space.

“Our customers already are seeing significant benefits from using Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and FactoryTalk products,” said Steve Carlson, global product manager, InSite Services. “InSite Services increase and extend this benefit by helping our customers to dramatically reduce the cost of supporting and managing their technology investments over the entire system life cycle.”