Nov. 28, 2005
Oscillation software helps minimize cyclic process upsets
Oscillatory Upsets Software
Oscillation Significance software identifies cycling problems in a plant and ranks them according to importance. The software uses a combination of statistical and frequency-domain information to calculate a single, meaningful measure of significance for each process parameter. Drill-down reporting ranks every process parameter in the plant by oscillation significance. Oscillation Detection software analyzes every process variable in a system, looking for patterns of cyclical behavior. It then identifies the source of oscillation to be valve problems, tuning, or load disturbances. Oscillation Significance further refines these assessments by using a combination of loop variability, oscillation detection, and percent of power by frequency. The resulting measure of oscillation detection can be ranked directly, or in combination with economic criteria. A list of process parameters ranked by oscillation significance is then displayed in a drill-down report. Performance Supervision software oversees the optimization of an entire plant.