3S- Smart Software Solutions CoDeSys Programming Tool

Dec. 13, 2004
PLC programming tool gets HMI, visualization
PLC Programming Tool
Visualization tools for the CoDeSys IEC 61131-3 programming tool include HMI, Target-Visualization, and Web-Visualization, all of which reproduce the masks created in CoDeSys and communicate with the controller via the same mechanisms used when programming. This means a configuration as would have to be done when using OPC is not necessary. The programming system CoDeSys is the market-leading hardware independent IEC 61131-3 tool in Europe. Over 150 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of all sizes have made their intelligent devices programmable by implementing CoDeSys from the German software firm 3S-Smart Software Solutions. These manufacturers mainly produce PLCs or programmable automation components like motion controllers and serve thousands of end users worldwide. Well-known companies such as ABB, Beckhoff, Bosch Rexroth, Liebherr, Moog, Ormec, SEL or Wago program their machines and devices with the standard IEC 61131-3 tool CoDeSys.A visualization directly integrated into the PLC programming system has always been a valuable feature of CoDeSys. Now 3S offers three new products which make it possible to visualize data without actually needing the programming surface.CoDeSys HMI: This program is a visualization runtime under Win32 and reproduces the masks created in CoDeSys. Communication with the controller takes place via the same mechanisms which are used when programming. This means a configuration as would have to be done when using OPC is not necessary. CoDeSys Target-Visualization: Masks created within CoDeSys are transferred directly to the runtime system of the controller. The visualization data is displayed via a monitor, LCD or other display device connected to the PLC. After an extension of the firmware the target visualization can be operated on almost all controllers programmable with CoDeSys.CoDeSys Web-Visualization: The CoDeSys Web-Visualization enables the user to display visualization data via the internet with all kinds of browsers if a PLC programmable with CoDeSys has a TCP/IP interface. All the necessary components such as a web server or Java applet are supplied by 3S.These new visualization products can either be used separately or in parallel.