I/O, terminal blocks that add forms, better functions

Nov. 23, 2021
Improved configurations, networking and even programming expand device capabilities
Round-form cable entry through surfaces

KDL/D Mono series cable entry system in a round frame form from MurrplastiK allows cables to be installed through an enclosure or bulkhead surfaces, with the benefit that pre-made, terminated cables can be installed without disassembling connectors. KDP/X cable entry system also allows many non-terminated cables to be installed through a small opening. KDL/D Mono series comes in three frame sizes; KDL/D series comes in four frame sizes; and KDP/X is available in one frame size with bolt-in or snap-on mounting.


Push-in wiring with levers, pushbuttons

TopJob S series terminal blocks have Push-in Cage Clamps from Wago, which first introduced push-in wiring for rail-mount blocks. The family offers levers and pushbuttons for convenient, intuitive wire termination, while maintaining vibration-proof, gas-tight, corrosion and thermal-cycling resistant connections, which industrial users expect for solid, stranded and ferruled conductors. All three TopJob versions share the same Push-in Cage Clamps and profiles. Testing and troubleshooting is simplified with built-in test ports.

Digi-Key Electronics

Side entry terminals, push-in connections

PTV terminal blocks combine the ease of push-in connections with popular side-entry terminals. The series allows clear marking and wire identification, less bending of wires, and space savings, especially in shallow cabinets. PTV blocks are available in a wide portfolio, including feed-through designs, component holders, fuse, multi-level and more. Compared with screw terminal blocks, PTV offers a reliable, drop-in replacement.

Phoenix Contact

Compact blocks simplify with IO-Link

FEN20 I/O industrial Ethernet I/O modules use four channels of IO-Link protocol networking to improve device configuration, monitoring and replacement. The compact block also functions as an IO-Link master, so each IO-Link (C/Q) pin can optionally be configured as digital input or output. FEN20-4IOL is also a field logic controller (FLC) that lets it perform control tasks at the field level, and allows users to implement simpler applications without an additional PLC. FEN20 measures just 55 x 62.5 x 30 mm, and carries an IP20 rating.


Pin and socket terminal junction modules

Series I Terminal Junction modules and Series II Socket Junction modules by Amphenol PCD are robust, reliable, and perform to M81714 electrical and mechanical standards. Series I uses standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Series II uses M39029/22 socket contacts. Both accommodate 12-26 AWG wires. Mounting rail, installation/termination accessories and customization are available.

Newark, an Avnet company
800-463-9275; www.newark.com/c/connectors/terminal-junction-modules

Screw barriers upgraded for cable lugs

DKU series barrier, screw-type terminal blocks have been upgraded for easier use with cable lugs, and are specially suited for high-vibration applications. They employ a spring-guided system in which the screws are integrated and captive in the terminal enclosure. These screws can be backed out, so ring- or U-shaped cable lugs can be inserted, without losing the screw. DKUs come in five sizes from 15A for M3 and 26-14 AWG, up to 60 A for M5 and 20-6 AWG, which are all rated for use up to 600 V.


Zone 2/DIV 2 Mountable in small spaces

LB remote I/O system is Division 2/Zone 2 mountable, and provides maximum performance in the smallest spaces, offering modules for non-explosive and Division 1/Zone 0, intrinsically safe field connections. These high-performance modules simply plug into a backplane for easy commissioning and expansion. LB remote's energy-saving power management system and low power dissipation allow for high packing density.


Server and software for I/O system

U-remote modular I/O system has IP20 and IP67 modules, so users can combine them in one I/O system. It also has added u-control web, an open, platform-independent web technology with pre-installed web server. This includes u-create web software that integrates software modules, such as an automation development environment, Node-RED software, visualization software and an OPC UA server. With its integrated container technology, u-create also lets users run their own or third-party software.


Remote I/O with up to 64 channels

BusWorks NT2000 series Ethernet remote I/O modules interface up to 64 channels with a mix of signal types on a single IP address, and provide Modbus TCP/IP communications of analog voltage, current, thermocouple and discrete signals. NTE Ethernet I/O models are 25-mm wide with dual RJ45 ports, a web server, and up to 16 I/O channels. An integrated DIN rail bus can connect three NTX expansion I/O modules, each adding up to 16 more I/O channels.

877-295-7057, http://bit.ly/AcromagNT

Mini blocks: 60% less space, all features

TopJob S Mini terminal blocks have all the advantages of standard TopJob blocks, but have a 60% smaller footprint. They feature the same industry-proven, Push-in Cage Clamp connection technology used throughout the TopJob series, and are available with open-tool slots or easy-to-identify orange pushbuttons that can be easily actuated with any standard tool. TopJob S Minis can be mounted in various ways: miniature rail, snap-in mounting foot for chassis mounting, or direct-mount with fixing flange.


Block with adjustable spring

Spring clamp terminal blocks have a patented cage-clamp design, are available with 2.5 mm to 10 mm centerlines, and offer high-quality, reliable wire terminations. They're delivered “wire ready” with an open terminal chamber. The spring automatically adjusts for differently sized wires, and provides a consistent connection force. A wide range of spring-clamp terminal blocks is also available in reflow-compatible designs. Customization is possible, including color sequencing and printing, such as figures or symbols.

Metz Connect USA
732-389-1300; https://bit.ly/2XAlc7E

Gateway from HART to IIoT

HES HART-to-Ethernet gateway has a single-channel configuration that converts signals from up to 16 wired HART devices in digital, multi-drop mode to Modbus/TCP and HART-IP, and a four-channel version that handles up to 64 wired HART devices. It lets HART transmitters and smart valves interface directly with Modbus/TCP-based monitoring and control systems via Ethernet, and with field device data viewable in a web browser via its built-in web server. HES also supports normal and burst-mode communications.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

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