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Product roundup: I/O and terminal blocks adapt to serve

Nov. 21, 2019
Many modules are adding and combining functions, and using flexible designs to assist in unusual settings.

Mix, match hazardous, non-hazardous signals

LB/FB remote I/O systems enable connection of traditional input and output signals onto a bus network, and support general-purpose or intrinsically safe (IS) applications with modules that can be mixed and matched on the same backplane. They ease connection to Profibus DP, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP for traditional signal types, including discrete, analog, frequency and temperature. Their interface gateways make the LB/FB conducive to system expansion or upgrade applications when access to specific fieldbus-enabled instruments is limited. Redundancy for the communication interface and power supply also ensures high reliability.

LB/FB also allow barriers to be more easily installed in Division 2 and Zone 1 hazardous areas, and feature reduced wiring, fewer DCS control cards, fewer terminations, no need for marshalling panels, reduced control cabinet space needs, and faster commissioning. They're also designed for general-purpose and intrinsically safe (IS) applications, and are rated for Division 2 mounting with inputs, and/or outputs mounted in a Division 1/Zone 0 area. FB systems are designed for IS or increased safety applications, and are rated for Zone 1 mounting with inputs, and/or outputs mounted in a Zone 0 area.

With LB systems, IS and general-purpose modules can be mixed and matched on the same backplane. LB systems include a backplane, communication interface, power supply, and I/O modules. They can be DIN rail mounted for easy integration, or pre-mounted by the supplier in an enclosure specified by the user.

With FB systems, IS and increased safety modules can be mixed and matched on the same backplane. FB systems include a backplane/enclosure, communication interface, power supply, and I/O modules. The system comes installed in the user’s choice of enclosure with GRP, fiberglass and stainless steel as standard options. FB systems are available with optional accessories that can be mounted in the enclosure to extend its functionality, including terminal blocks, fuses and disconnect switches.


Side-entry, push-in connections

PTV terminal blocks with side wire entry connection combines the clarity of screw connection with the ease of push-in connection. This enables clearer wiring, and eliminates bending of wires in confined spaces. The new design also allows for clearer marking of the terminal block and wire. PTV features feed-through, three-conductor (-Twin) and four-conductor (-Quattro) terminal blocks. Testing and bridging options are available on each. Disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks are also available. Thanks to tool-free, push-in connections, PTV blocks enable time-saving wiring. PTV is part of the Clipline family of terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact

Compact system with 132 I/O slices

NX Series compact I/O system includes a universal system for EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP networks. With more than 130 distinct I/O slices and 2-32 points per slice, NX-I/O boosts the quality and range of applications by simplifying system configurations. As an integrated platform comprising digital, sequence, motion, analog, temperature control, load cell, RS232, IO-Link and safety control, NX I/O lets sensors and actuators share data with controllers and enterprise networks to optimize performance. Flexible configurations are easier with DIN rail mounting and up to 63 NX-I/O slices per node, while Push-In Plus technology reduces wiring and downsizes control panels.

Omron Automation

Compact, push-in for power signals

Dinkle Bus plate is the core feature of the iO-Grid M remote I/O modules for transmitting power and signals, which saves material costs and simplifies installation and maintenance. They're designed with a super-compact, 12 mm wide enclosure with up to 16 digital I/O points and four analog I/O points. The wiring connection uses push-in-design (PID) to save 70% of wiring time and minimize error. iO-Grid M's Modbus communications plus module selections allows for versatile applications. Depending on points required, different sizes of Dinkle Bus and other accessories combine for clarity and easy installation.


Wireless, IoT Ethernet I/O module

Advantech Wise-4000 series wireless IoT Ethernet I/O module provides a cost-effective wireless solution for cloud applications. By supporting direct cloud access, new web services and datalogs, Wise-4000 series can seamlessly connect to the cloud for a wireless solution. Its main features include supporting both wireless servers and clients that can be accessed directly without an AP, new web services that push data instantly to the cloud, file-based cloud storage for data logging and buffering, and portable device web configuration and group deployment.


Single-pole, spring-type blocks

SM99 and SR99 single-pole, spring-clamp terminal blocks have a compact, 5.8 x 6.6 x 14.5 mm design; accept 24 to 16 AWG wire cross-sections; and have push-in for insertion, large pushbutton for release, wire connection indicator for reliability and test point for continuity check. These blocks are reflow-capable according to JEDEC 20 MSL 1 and tape-and-reel packaged for automation compliance, and offer maximum flexibility for PC board designs because they can be placed as single poles nearly everywhere on a PC board. They also feature SMT and THR designs; connection direction of 90°; test plug socket; nominal 9 A current; and color variants for finger latching.

Metz Connect USA Inc.

Dry-contact, temperature, mixed-voltage

Three new I/O modules for groov EPIC include:

GRV-IDCSW-12 with discrete input, 12 channels and DC contact switch status, which monitors the open/closed status of dry contact switches, and provides the necessary excitation voltage to power the circuit. It's ideal for monitoring distributed IT equipment, benchtop analyzers, motor run/stop relays, or any device that offers only a dry contact for status. Because there’s no need to install separate power supplies to drive these dry contacts—since wetting and monitoring are both provided—this module can save time, money, space and installation labor.

GRV-IVI-12 with analog voltage input, 12 isolated channels, ±1.25 to ±160 V, and channel-to-channel isolation. With each channel configurable to one of eight ranges from ±1.25 to ±160 V, this module eliminates the need to segregate I/O signals over multiple modules, providing cost and space reduction for mixed-voltage applications. GRV-IVI-12 has 20-bit resolution and is accurate to 0.1% of the configured range. It includes options for scaling, filtering, averaging and more, speeding development time and distributing computation functions down to the I/O module.

GRV-IRTD-8 with analog input, eight channels, temperature/RTD or resistor, which increases options for accuracy and I/O density in temperature applications. It provides eight channels for two- and three-wire RTD inputs, with a maximum range of -200 °C to 850 °C. Users can take advantage of multiple, fixed ranges or one of two auto-ranging methods to simplify configuration. GRV-IRTD-8 can also be used for high-resolution resistance measurements, with accuracy ranging from 4.2 Ohms at the 8K Ohm input range to 0.058 Ohms at the 10 Ohm range for 3-wire RTDs.

PAC Project 10.2003 or the Opto 22 Library Package for CODESYS v1.0.2.0 are required for full support of these modules. The three new modules also feature:
• Two-position, hinged LED module cover that indicates module status and covers field terminations;
• Touch-sensitive pad to trigger module information display on the groov EPIC processor;
• Removable top-mounted connector with single, captive retention screw;
• Spring-clamp field wiring terminals;
• Hot-swappability for installation and removal without turning off or stopping the system;
• UL Hazardous Locations approval and ATEX compliance;
• Wide operating temperature range of -20 to 70 °C;
• Individually calibrated and factory tested twice—with no statistical testing; and
• Lifetime guarantee.

Opto 22
800-321-OPTO (6786)

Safety I/O simplify controls

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix CIP Safety I/O modules provide local, in-chassis safety I/O for GuardLogix 5580 controllers, eliminating the need for adapters that require panel space and added configuration time. If desired, they can also be used for distributed safety I/O, and offer design flexibility because they can be used with all other standard ControlLogix I/O modules. ControlLogix CIP Safety I/O modules are TÜV certified for use in safety applications up to SIL 3 and PLe, Cat. 4. They can be selected with conformal coating options for added protection against environmental stresses.

Rockwell Automation

Single-channel I/O for speed, savings

Select I/O redundant, Ethernet-based, single-channel I/O allow all of a project's data points to be digitally marshalled into ABB Ability System 800xA and standardized cabinets.

It's networked via an Ethernet fieldbus communication interface (FCI) with embedded redundant switches, and uses individual signal conditioning modules (SCMs) for process and safety I/O. Select I/O is also field-ready with a -40 °C to 70 °C temperature interface. It also has galvanic isolation per channel, while each SCM is current-limited with a unique ‘field disconnect’ mode for added protection and flexibility. Line monitoring DIs, SOE and high current options are also available to reduce the need for ancillary, third-party equipment, which aids in I/O cabinet standardization.

Select I/O's redundant Ethernet FCI makes it even more flexible. Beyond working with Select I/O, the FCI can accept System 800xA's multi-channel S800 I/O, allowing users to select the I/O solution that best fits their application.


Remote for mixed-valve terminals

CPX-AP-I remote I/O improves performance of mixed-valve terminals and I/O systems, and is compatible with most communication protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Profinet and EtherCAT. They're rugged, compact and lightweight modules, and can be mounted directly on machines in IP65/IP67 rated environments.

CPX-AP-I enables valve terminals to be moved closer to pneumatic cylinders, which reduces pressurization time and increases equipment performance. Process data in and out of each bus module is as much as two kilobytes. Scan cycles for a mix of both valve terminals and I/O are below one millisecond, and are expected to approach microseconds. Latency is virtually nonexistent.

Communication and voltage supply are via two separate, galvanically isolated connecting cables, eliminating the potential for stray currents. Two separate wires enable the creation of voltage zones that provide reliable control for many processes.

CPX-AP-I comes standard with a pre-integrated IO-Link Master and IO-Link device tool for fast, effective application of IO-Link enabled devices. CPX-AP-I ensures each application can be individually optimized. Cross-communication between modules enables applications requiring high speed and rapid control.

CPX-AP-I remote I/O has the capacity of up to 80 I/O modules, which can be a mix of digital I/O, analog I/O, I/O-Link, and valve terminals. Furthermore, distances between modules is up to 49 feet (15 meters). CPX-AP-I has a theoretical upper limit of 500 I/O modules and 164 feet (50 meters) distance between modules.

Festo Corp.

I/O scanner cuts DCS migration costs

1756 PMIO scanner allows Honeywell's TDC 3000 I/O to be owned by a ControlLogix controller, providing a seamless migration to Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and PlantPAx DCS from legacy TDC 3000 systems. It will slot into a ControlLogix backplane and provide input and output assemblies that are mapped to various Honeywell TDC3000 I/O Processors (IOPs), so users can use existing I/O and field wiring.

TDC 3000 I/O Interface for ControlLogix allows reduced-risk migration for legacy Honeywell systems; 28 IOPs per PMIO scanner; redundant I/O Link (Channel A and B); support for integrating redundant PMIO Scanners into Logix with dedicated add-on-profile (AOP); diagnostics available in Logix; easy configuration with Slate Configuration Utility; and custom-length I/O Link cables sold separately.



Precision measurement I/O extends modules

ELM314x lower-cost, 1 ksps class economy line has been added to the ELM3x0x EtherCAT measurement module family. This I/O system expansion simplifies use of system-integrated precision measurement technology to improve efficiency and optimization in machines and inline test benches.

The economy line is available in two, four, six and eight-channel versions. High-precision measurements with an accuracy of 100 ppm are possible over a 10-40 °C temperature range. Each channel can be set to current or voltage measurements with a sampling rate of up to 1 ksps per channel. Analog signals in ranges from ±1.25 to ±10 V, 0 to 10 V, ±20 mA or 0/4 to 20 mA can be processed. ELM314x offers reduced channel costs, but provides the same functions as the ELM3x0x line, including freely adjustable, two-stage filters, over-sampling, distributed clocks, true RMS and scaler functions, as well as diagnostic features for unattended, long-term use.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
877-TwinCAT (877-894-6228)

Dual-channel transmitters cut costs, save space

DT series dual transmitters have two independent signal conditioning channels in a 17.5mm wide module. A signal splitter mode lets one input drive both outputs. Loop-powered, two-wire and externally powered (7-32 VDC), four-wire versions are available. Input options include process current, DC voltage, thermocouple, RTD and resistance signal types with proportional process current or unipolar/bipolar voltage output. A USB port simplifies setup on a PC with Windows software or on an Android mobile device using Acromag’s Agility app. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and a wide operating temperature range make DT transmitters ideal for use in harsh environments.

DT series signal conditioners also have high-resolution A/D converters to perform high accuracy measurements with repeatability and stability. High-voltage isolation separates each input, output and power circuit from each other. Free configuration software helps users quickly select I/O ranges and precisely scale input/output limits. Each model supports several input ranges, and can output a proportional 0/4-20mA, 0-10V, or ±10 VDC signal. Removable, front-facing terminal blocks facilitate wiring. A rail power bus option can supply multiple units from a single connection or establish redundant power.


Gateway connects HART to IIoT

HART to Ethernet Gateway System (HES) converts signals from up to 64 wired HART devices to Ethernet Modbus/TCP and HART-IP with field device data viewable on any web browser via the HES’ built-in web server or a Modbus/TCP-compliant host. HES communicates with HART field devices in point-to-point and digital, multi-drop networks and supports normal and burst-mode communications. HES also supports HART-IP, allowing any connected HART device variables, HES variables or diagnostics to be monitored. HES is available in single-channel configuration that supports up to 16 HART devices in digital multi-drop mode or one device in a standard point-to-point, 4-20mA loop, and in four-channel configuration can support up to 64 total HART devices for high-density installations.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

Integrates CoDeSys and IIoT

cMT-CTRL01 programmable logic controller integrates CoDeSys software and an IIoT gateway with protocol translation, works with all iR modules, features built-in EasyAccess remote access service, and supports OPC UA and MQTT communications for uploading data. It also has dual, freely assignable Ethernet ports, a built-in Modbus TCP/IP gateway, and supports protocols used by more than 300 PLC brands. EasyAccess 2.0 updates cMT-CTRL01’s CoDeSys projects, and monitors its operation status to reduce maintenance costs. EasyAccess 2.0 push notifications let users receive immediate notification about the operation errors on portable devices for quick troubleshooting.

Weintek USA Inc.

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